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Dr. James Howell

Grandville, Michigan

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3181 Prairie Street Southwest
Grandville, MI 49418

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Overall score given by calkk1 on 07/20/06


1 responses to this scorecard

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I was not happy with this dentist at all!!!!

I have a young daughter who is terrified of dentists because of him.  He was insensitive and yelled at her when she said she was afraid and called her a baby.  She's only 7 of course she's scared.  My most recent visit with him she was so terrified she bolted out of the chair and he ripped the paper bib off her neck  and told her to leave.  Trust me we will never be back and I will never suggest him to anyone with children.  I would encourage parents to find a different dentist!!

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This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

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Responses to calkk1's scorecard

Comments by zar on 10/26/07, 12:23 am

Hey calkk1's,  you are right about this dentist.  I also had a bad experience with this dentist.  He is the worst ever.  He over treats and drills out more surfaces of the tooth than is necessary.  The more surfaces that he drills on, the more money he charges and makes. Hmmmm?  not to mention he misdiagnosed many cavities that he claimed I had and never did.  Make a complaint with the Michigan state board Department of Community Health. Here is the number also for anyone else who has or had problems with this dentist.  517-335-0918  or

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