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Dr. James Coplan

Rosemont, Pennsylvania

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Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics Of The Mainline
1062 Lancaster Avenue Suite 3
Rosemont, PA 19010

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Overall score given by jonesey on 08/30/12


2011 Our first visit to Dr Coplan's office literally changed our lives and gave us clarity, direction and hope in what had been a scary and completely confusing situation with our son.

Leading up to my son's assessment at 18 months - at which age he could not walk, talk or use his hands consistently (to name just a few issues!) -  his GP pediatrician was unhelpful and dismissive about our concerns over his development.  We tried to figure out what to do for him ourselves, but the internet just overwhelmed us with unfiltered data. 

I knew going in that Dr Coplan is a bit of a neurodevelopmental superstar. He has a formidable CV and excellent reputation from his Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) days.  I expected him to be top notch. But I was surprised by how compassionate, dedicated and personable he was. He struck me as a genuinely caring doctor who has set up his practice to step into a breach in the medical system - a breach that we had fallen into.

Our son, now that I am more educated about the subject, is clearly on the autistic spectrum. After a very thorough and child-centered assessment, that was Dr Coplan's diagnosis. Getting the diagnosis finally gave a name to the symptoms our son had. The therapy recommendations gave us the tools we needed to help him. It was a GODSEND!

As an aside, his office was very flexible with us and was good about our rather difficult schedule. On our first visit we were even a half hour late (YIKES) and he accomodated us into his lunch hour so we would still get the full amount of assessment time!

So, as you can tell I am extremely grateful for the care we recieved from this doctor. I could not be more enthusiastic in recommending him to anyone who finds themselves in the difficult position we were in.

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