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Dr. James Baron

Ob/Gyn (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Brandon, Florida

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Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates
116 Parsons Park Drive
Brandon, FL 33511

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Overall score given by casfl on 06/22/10


2009 I have been a patient of Dr. Baron since the late 1990s. Dr Baron has always made me to feel comfortable and treats me like a person and not a number. He's even greeted me when we happen to meet in other places of business.
Dr Baron delivered my grandson in 2004 and was extremely professional, kind and attentive to my daughter-in-law throughout the entire labor period.
Last year I was frightened when I discovered my bladder had looked as if I was giving birth. Instead of heading to the emergency room, I called the nurse on duty with my insurance company. She assured me all was well and to call my gyn in the morning.  I was granted a timely appointment the next day.  The ultimate surgury which included the removal of my uterus and a 'sling' for my bladder went smoothly.  I experienced little-to-no pain and was as good as new within the 6-week recovery period.
I would highly recommend Dr Baron to any one, whether it be for pregnancy or other women problem.

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