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Dr. J Wesley Mesko

Lansing, Michigan

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Michigan Orthopedic Center
2815 S. Pennsylvania
Lansing, MI 48910

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Overall score given by elsa on 01/07/15


Not given I traveled 400+ mi. from Escanaba, MI to avail myself of Dr. Mesko's service, having had 2 references.  He was very personable and caring at our 1st appointment, traits that resounded throughout my treatment experience.  I was concerned about anesthesia because I have lifelong asthma; there was nothing to worry about!  My pain had been so vivid, lasting over 4 yrs., that as soon as I awoke after hip replacement surgery, I felt like a new woman.  Dr. Mesko came to my bedside that night to check on me, the next day, and the day of my discharge, he even changed my bandage to check the wound.  It was simply small-town attention in the city!  Three days later, I was able to make the trip home by car, driven by my cousin; the pain was very minimal!  I am now living in Georgia, and needing surgery on my other hip.  How I wish I could put myself into Dr. Mesko's skilled hands once again!

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