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Dr. Ivan Stein

West Orange, New Jersey

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Northfield Dental Group
769 Northfield Ave
West Orange, NJ 07052

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2 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by dddd on 01/31/07


2 responses to this scorecard

2006 Dr Stein is a great Dentist. He has the abilty to make you feel comfortable. He is careing and confident. He is very precise and is VERY artistic. NO PAIN!!!!! Great Guy, Great Office. Great Staff

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Responses to dddd's scorecard

Comments by dentistlover on 03/21/07, 7:06 pm

dr. stein is the greatest.  I love going there.  I always feel comfortable.

Comments by LarryS on 09/14/08, 6:10 pm

 I have been with Dr Stein for 5 years now.  He has completed my case which involved 16 implants. I had no pain and can't believe how trouble free I am.  Before meeting Dr. Stein I had been to another Dentist for 11 years who told me there was nothing else to do and implants would never work.!!  Well Dr. Stein showed him!! I can eat anything!! My smile makes my family smile now . The staff is wonderful and they really go out of their way. I went back to my old dentist to show him what was done and truthfully he was speechless!

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