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Dr. Hugh McKee

Family Physician or General Practitioner
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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140 Wall St
Saskatoon, SK

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Overall score given by Clarity on 02/01/10


Clarity edited this scorecard on 07/02/12

1 responses to this scorecard

Not given Dr. McKee has meager knowledge. I developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome which attacks the myelin of peripheral nerves. The first stage is acute, with rapidly ascending paralysis. But GBS is uncommon, and Dr. McKee panicked. He had no insight into his frustration. He acted as if the patient (or person) was difficult, instead of the disease. Dr. McKee was scornful of my muscle weakness on my first visit. Worse: when he tested my reflexes, they were absent but he didn't understand why; he solved it by falsifying the results in the chart. The Medical Post published my narrative Coming to Grips with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (go to On that site see also the page titled Plasma Exchange. Update: My onset of GBS was years ago, but I suffer long-term residua including profound fatigue. Many GBS patients have residual effects, but physicians say mine are exceptionally severe. The reason: Dr. McKee failed to arrange plasmapheresis (plasma exchange) for me, which is the only effective treatment known for GBS. The equipment for plasmapheresis was available locally, and I was in hospital a full two months, yet the treatment was ignored. Dr. McKee's neglect had a cruel cost.

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Responses to Clarity's scorecard

Comments by Mary on 03/06/17, 4:34 pm:

Dr. Mckee has been my doctor now for approximately
36 years. He delivered my two children who are patients
of his as well as doctor to the father of the children.He has been with us through
bad times as well as good times. He has simply been the best!
Always thorough, maybe sometimes rushed as he is in high demand.
But always there. I hope he continues to be my doctor as I can not
imagine my life without him.....

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