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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Howard Schertzinger

Internal Medicine / Pediatrics, Sports Medicine
Sharonville, Ohio

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Spine Pain Sports Management?
9746 Union Center Blvd.
Sharonville, OH 45040

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Overall Score
as rated by Whoodey08
Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by Whoodey08 on 04/19/11


Not given I started going to Dr. Schertzinger in January 2011 due to cronic back pain after having back surgery. The first few visits went fine and he appeared to listed to my pain issues. He also asked about family life and my activities. My first impression was that he was a caring doctor with genuine concern with his paitients pain issues. He came up with a medication regimine that got my pain under control. he gave me a long acting pain medication with pain medication for breakthru pain as well as muscle relaxers and anit inflammitories. I was seeing him about every two weeks for follow-ups and for medication refills. the main goal was to decrease the breakthrough medication and rely on the long acting eventually. I got to the point where I was able to control my breakthrough with less potent medication and Dr Schertzinger stated once i got to that level i would not need to come in as often and that refills can be done over the phone. Two weeks passed and I was due for a refill of my breakthrough so I called the office for the refill. It took 4 days for someone to contact me stating that it was denied and that i would need to make another appointment so I called the office stating that the doctor explained to me in our last visit that he wouild be able to call in refills to limit the amount of office visits. The nurse stated that any medication issues require an appointment so I made an appointment. the first thing that doctor stated when he came into the exam room is 'do you see your primary care doctor weekly' I stated no and that the only reason why i am here today is because I called for a refill of my medication and that it was denied due to me needing to make an office visit, and that we previously discussed this. He then stated that I claimed to be making excellent progress. I replied that I would not say that my progress has not been excellent just much improved since I started seeing him. He then stated that we can go over the previous visits notes. I stated that if he feel that it would be necessary the go over them. I reiterated I am not pain free and no where near it just inproved prior to treatment. He then stated that he has a hernaited disk and his pain level is at  a 7.5 and he does not need to take any medication which is a lie! In our last visit he stated that he takes tramadol when the pain gets bad. He aslo stated that none of the patients he sees has pain and it is not like we have cancer. That made me wonder why he is operating a pain management clinic? I am pretty sure that it would be illegal and unethical for him to prescribe narcotic pain medication for his patients who do not have any pain. He insinuated that the pain is all in our heads. So I guess that unless you are dying or have cancer you do not have any pain what so ever. This guy has done a complete 180 on me and other patients review enforce my feeling as well.

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