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Dr. Howard Liebowitz

Internal Medicine / Integrated and Functional Medicine
Beverly Hills, California

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Liebowitz Longevity
436 N.bedford Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Overall score given by strongerlife on 02/07/11


Not given Dr. Howard Liebowitz is committed to helping his patients obtain optimum results in healthy aging. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in combining the most effective treatments offered by advanced science with foundational natural and functional medicine. He believes that by replacing missing hormones (hormone balancing and bio-identical hormone replacement), removing toxic chemicals, providing essential nutrients, a low glycemic diet, adequate rest, and proper exercise, the natural healing ability of the body will result in restoring optimal health at any age. He provides alternative medicine & functional medicine along with hormone balancing & bio-identical hormone replacement conveniently close to Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Brentwood in the heart of Southern California.
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