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Vaccines Not Nutritious

Your body does not require: Aluminum, Mercury, Polysorbate 80, or Formaldehyde, yet they are commonly found in vaccines... Says Dr. Suzanne Humphries
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Dr. Howard Goldstein

Internal Medicine / Cardiologist
Rockville, Maryland

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4701 Randolph Rd Suite 105
Rockville, MD 20852

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Overall score given by John42 on 12/27/12


John42 edited this scorecard on 12/29/12

Not given Dr. Goldstein is an expert, knowledgeable, and careful doctor. I have been under his care for at least 10 years. He always takes the time to discuss health issues with the patient and keeps current on medical science. I highly recommend him, particularly for anyone with cardiac care concerns. I rated his cost at only 5 out of 10 because he has opted out of Medicare (as have many doctors in our area).

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