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Dr. Holly Fourchalk

Alternative Natural Medicine / Naturopathic
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

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Choices Unlimited For Health And Wellness Ltd
12431 205 St
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 0L9

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Overall score given by healthnut on 11/02/11


healthnut edited this scorecard on 11/02/11

1 responses to this scorecard

Homeopathic Medicine
I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Holly´ s width of knowledge and her attention to scientific detail. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional medicine but heavily based in scientific research, then Dr. Holly IS who you should call right away. She is AMAZING!!! PLUS... she´ s a mobile clinic, can´ t beat that! or 604-764-5203

**** naturopathic doctor
**** Herbal Therapist
**** Homeopathic Medicine
**** Holistic Health Practitioner

Holistic Health Practitioner

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Responses to healthnut's scorecard

Comments by Skeptic on 05/01/16, 7:08 pm:

Dr. Holly is not a Doctor of Naturopathy.   She was a Registered Clinical Psychologist, but was removed due to behaviour not in keeping with the requirements of the B.C. College of Clinical Psychologists.  She has been reprimanded since then for continuing to submit mis-leading advertisements as being licensed and in good standing with the BC College of Clinical Psychologists.  It is imperative to really check out a person's credentials and determine what is really true about them.  Money is the motivation behind many who advertise!  As the latin saying goes 'Caveat Emptor' or 'Buyer Beware!'  

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