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Dr. Herbert Sacks

Family Physician or General Practitioner
Edmonton, Alberta

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Edmonton, AB

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Overall score given by Daphne40 on 09/10/14


1 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

2013 3/10 given only based on combination of this doctor's behaviour and office as you requested: I.e. his disgraceful behaviour dragged down the whole experience. I only saw this doctor 3 times; the third being with my family at his request. Thankfully, I did t pursue any further appointments because the doctor took the information I had given and turned it completely inside out during the visit with my family...actually scoffing at my intellect, my having had the honour of working with Dr. David Schindler (world-renowned ecology scientist who won the Stockholm Prize which is the ecological equivalent to the Nobel Prize), political views, feelings for my aging dog, and more! He made such comments as 'she' would probably 'play poor-me' and other games to get attention...etc. He completely humiliated me on front of my (adult) children (I am an educated retired chemist who continued to work until age 67): this has left a lasting effect in that their behaviour seems different since that appointment. I could go on. My rating for this doctor alone would be 1, only because I believe he may be quite knowledgable about medical issues. I actually saw him to gain an interpretation of x-rays done on my knees a few months earlier...instead, I realized later, he performed a psychological work up on me which has left lasting damage....

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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Responses to Daphne40's scorecard

Comments by quackattack on 09/08/16, 11:36 pm

Saw this doctor in 2013 because my regular doctor was away on holidays. I was not very impressed when he was two hours late for an appointment I had made at the clinic. When I complained he just told me 'I don't run on time'. If you don't like it, go to a Medicentre, which is what I did. He listened to my problems and made a lot of false assumptions. I told him that I had a few symptoms of depression. He told me to get on valium and see a shrink. I did not follow that advice, However, I did see a psychologist which was a total waste of money. It turned out that my problems were caused by my thyroid gland (low thyroid), conplications with my ileostomy caused by weight gain, and menopause. He was totally wrong about what was causing my depression. I was not given the time to explain my problems fully. He kept saying 'I can only deal with one problem at a time'. he rushed through the appointment. That  made me feel so angry and misunderstood. He was even questioning my sex life which was really none of his business. He wanted me to get chest xrays done just because I smoked one cigarette a day. He wanted me to get a breathing test done for COPD which was ridiculous because I had no problems with my lungs. 

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