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Dr. Hamid Moayad

Bedford, Texas

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Hamid Moayad, DO
2612 Harwood Rd Suite B
Bedford, TX 76021

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Overall score given by AndrewNelson on 12/29/11


AndrewNelson edited this scorecard on 12/29/11

Not given      Dr. Moayad is the finest Lyme Literate Neurologist in the state of Texas. He asks questions. He listens. He speaks. He informs. He does not have time for 'BS'. He looks you in the eye. He runs extensive testing to get to the bottom of all issues. He never runs tests that are unnecessary. His methodology transcends Eastern and Western medicine. He is a man of character and humor. I respect him. He has saved countless people from unknown uncertainty.
      If all physicians practiced in his footsteps, the world would be a better place.  His staff is as courteous and knowledgeable as he is. They should all be held accountable as saints of the earth.  I dare that no one ever speak ill of Dr. Moayad or his staff.  Period.

Sincerely & With High Regard For This Man,
Andrew Nelson 

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