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Dr. Guy Lavoie

Orthopedics / Cast clinic attendant
Edmonton, Alberta

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172 1 Meadowlark Shpg Cntr
Edmonton, AB

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1 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by 45yearolddevice on 06/21/16


1 responses to this scorecard

Edmonton Dr Lavoie did my knee. I probably had 100 physiotherapy sessions to no avail. My knee had no flexability. On my 30 day check up, Lavoie walked into the room looked at my knee from 15 feet and left. Never saw him again. My physiotherapist, said after two sessions, my knee was not correct. I saw two of the best redo specialists in the USA. They both thought I had the operation 45 years ago, by the device used. Both specialists said they had used this device in their first operations in the late 60's. They were stunned to learn that the operation was two years ago, with a 45 year old device. As the one surgeon said, who the f... would use this old device, when devices are so improved over the years. Dr. Guy Lavoie is a complete and udder jerk.

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Responses to 45yearolddevice's scorecard

Comments by asshole on 06/06/17, 6:07 am:

Made a terrible job would  knot admit to his error..prostisiet was to large had to have my knee redone by another Dr.

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