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Dr. Gregory Daniels

Hinsdale, Illinois

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Gregory J Daniels DDS
950 N York Rd
Hinsdale, IL 60521

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2 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by pattidepaola on 12/07/07


2 responses to this scorecard

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2004 doped' destruction took 2 hours. I'm so  lucky to be alive  I paid well over $20,000.00 for an improperly placed recontruction resulting in TMD. All my veneers broke at 1 a month. After a year of ignored pain & massive swelling a newly crowned molar had four necrotic root canals. I was not re-embursed for my failed root canal. Instead of taking final impressions for a free crown replacement, Dr Daniels, without a control substance license, sedated me thru my gum without my knowledge or consent. He was verbally & physically abusive as he drilled thru the sole of my molar destroying it filling my mouth with blood. He made fun of my 'doped' reactions & said 30's gone I owe you nothing. His disbelief in antibiotics left me on life support with septicemia, renal & respiratory failure, hemorrhaging internally. I went on to have all my internal organs relocate outside my body. I was to die of ongoing ileus, intra abdominal abscess & renal failure. Dr Daniel's suggests this was done by another dentist or myself. But in a letter he states it was his intention to, 'repair the molar.' I tried to have #30 sectioned & saved but Dr Daniel's destroyed his own crown lengthening & everthing above the gum. My appt card still reads, '50 minutes crown impressions.' My 'illegal

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Responses to pattidepaola's scorecard

Comments by hilltopper76 on 04/24/09, 3:37 pm

My wife & I have been under the dental care of Dr. Daniels and his staff for over 20+ yrs. As our family grew all 9 children have have also enjoyed exceptional care from Dr. Daniels. For a brief time because of relocation issues we experimented with 3 other dentists closer to our home, but have quickly retuned because none could compare with the service or professionalism we have recieved from Dr. Daniels.

Comments by maddan44 on 04/30/09, 3:45 pm

Most of what she wrote does not make sense, is in-coherent, and appears disfunctional.

My family and friends have been going to him for over 20 years, I would recommend him to anyone.

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