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Dr. Greg Tehle

Barrington, Illinois

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Greg S. Tehle, DDS
312 W. Main Street
Barrington, IL 60010

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Overall score given by Spazacus on 08/06/08


2008 I am a 54 year old male that one evening lost a front crown installed in my mouth approx 15 years ago . I called Dr. Tehle's office of which approx 6 years have gone by without an appt. and his receptionist which was very polite made a timely appointment . I was concerned with costs and was trying to decide if dentures were in my future instead of repairing a mouth that has had almost every tooth repaired from a serious grinding problem I have had . Being embarassed with a mouth that resembled the backwoods hillbilly from the movie 'Deliverance',I was very anxious to get an answer ! Upon arriving at Dr. Tehles office I  was greeted by his receptionist and told wait time was approximate 10 minutes . After that time , his dental assistant came out and explained the Dr would need xrays to evaluate the situation of fix what I got or make the denture choice . The equipment was in my view,top notch and the assistant was gentle and very professional while taking  full mouth xrays which were immediate posted on a computer screen above me  to review and see the problem areas . Dr. Tehle came into the office almost instantly after the xrays were completed and started to discusss options available to me and recommended that we fix within my budget the teeth I have to get an additional 10-15 years of use before addressing the denture issue . At no time I got the vibe that his recommendation was based on his financial enhancement instead of mine . He is now my dentist of choice based on professionalism of himself and his staff,his equipment up to date and clean and his office is very well keep and add a warmness that every person should experience . Last,but not least ,the charges were right in line of which I could afford to pay ! I will be recommending him to friends and family !

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