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Business: Gordon Dental

Dentist / General dentistry
Kansas City, Missouri

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Gordon Dental
5901 Nw 63rd Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64151

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(816) 505-2222

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Overall score given by kcgordondentalfg on 12/09/16


kcgordondentalfg edited this scorecard on 04/01/17

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emergency dentistry At Gordon Dental in Kansas City, our dentists work closely with you to co-plan the best solutions to keep your smile healthy.

Would you like to have a greater level of involvement when it comes to deciding what dental treatment is right for you? At Gordon Dental in Kansas City, co-diagnosis and planning of your oral care is our focus.

Logo of Gordon Dental Kansas City MO

The dental team at Gordon Dental

Legoland at Discovery Center near Crown Center located 13 miles to the south of Kansas City aesthetic dentistry Gordon Dental

Kansas City International Airport (MCI) located 10.2 miles north of Kansas City cosmetic dentistry Gordon Dental

Country Club Plaza on 4750 Broadway Kansas City MO located 17 miles to the south of top-rated cosmetic dentist Gordon Dental

Alamo Drafthouse located in Kansas City Power & Light District is 10 miles to the south of Kansas City's top-rated cosmetic dentist Gordon Dental

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Comments by kcgordondentalfg on 04/01/17, 7:46 am

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