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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Giovanni Marciano

Family Physician or General Practitioner
New York, New York

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8616 Jamaica Avenue
New York, NY 11421

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86-16 Jamaica Avenue
Woodhaven, NY 11421

Dr Giovany Marciano
637willis Ave
Williston Park, 11596



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8 responses to this scorecard
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as rated by dino45
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Overall score given by dino45 on 11/19/09


8 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful -3 times

Not given they actually lie to you when they schedule your appointment with either marciano or muraca.. once you get to the office  they tell you he is not there so put you in with the assistant.... they are never in the office.. it seems very fraudulent. i cannot believe they still have their license to practice... do yourself a favor run far away from them... it really is a joke. who knows if any of them actually have a license to practice medicine.

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This scorecard was voted helpful -3 times

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Responses to dino45's scorecard

Comments by Death99 on 11/19/09, 6:55 pm

They are great doctors ,licensed and board certified. They see many patients but at times I have seen their P.A. . ,Who is great just like them.  Physicians are not robots they cant possibly see all patients but they closely supervise all physician assistants. I too also think Dino has a slanderous attitude and I think he should change his comment if he is dissatisfied with the care that he got he should explain it, if he didnt see the physician so what I see a P.A. in the emergency room ,in the cath lab where they assisted the physician. Dino obviously you do not know what a role a p.a. does in Primary Care. A physician supervises the P.A. closely and doesnt have to see every patient.

Comments by slander45 on 11/19/09, 8:27 pm

This in response to Dino45. I am always told who I will be seeing. If i want to see a paticular physician or P.A. I am directed to a specific time or office if they are not available. I am surprised that scorecard allowed you to post a slanderous comment. I am all for your post that you were unhappy you didnt see the physician but they try to accomodate all appointments for whenever that person wants to be seen not when a specific provider is in the office. Do not make false accusations or derogatory comments because it just makes your post not serious and in very poor taste. Stop bashing providers who actually perform a needed service in our communities. We are in desperate need of P.A.s and Family Doctors who are American trained and if you are unhappy with the care they gave you find another provider but dont make libalous comments that may end up haunting you.

Comments by Notfooled45 on 11/22/09, 4:12 pm:


Comments by Sanral on 07/16/13, 8:58 pm

I'm starting to think this office is a scam.  I've never seen a doctor Marciano yet a claim was put through the insurance company.

Comments by Driven on 07/16/13, 9:39 pm

Stop slander and you are now liable beware of ip address on slander

Comments by Driven on 07/16/13, 9:55 pm

You are slanderous the bill is from the company no scam you were given services and was supervized by the dr

Comments by Driven on 07/16/13, 10:05 pm

Are you kidding me ! He has been my dr for 23 yrs he supervizes as well as treats . Stop wasting  resources 

Comments by Loyal on 07/16/13, 10:18 pm

He has treated me since i was a kid he supervizes and performs amultitude of services that no one is aware. Sanrsl dont show us how wasteful you are and you should never get the priveledge only as a supervisorvwould you be given his expert care

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