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Dr. Ghada Afifi

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Newport Beach, California

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1101 Bayside Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92625

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Overall score given by ocsteph on 04/28/07


2 responses to this scorecard

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I had breast implant surgery performed in 1993 by a cosmetic surgeon in newport beach, ca. I was satisfied at the time, however after about 7-8 years, they began to get hard and painful. This was typical-breast implants are NOT permanent and need to be re-done approx. every 7 to 10 years.

I had to wait to have my implants re-done because of financial reasons. I heard about The Cosmeticare Surgery Group from many people in the area of Newport Beach, CA. The head surgeon, Dr. Niccole, has a fabulous reputation. However, he mainly does facelifts now and he has approx. a 1 to 1 1/2 year wait list!! I had heard of an associate in the office, Dr. Afifi, so i made an appointment. I had to wait 3 months to see her, but it was well worth the wait! From the moment i met her, i felt so comfortable and confident with her. She is a self proclaimed perfectionist and is so kind that right away i knew she was the surgeon for me! I had consultations with two other male doctors who have been in the area for decades and they did not come close to how caring, kind and knowledgable Dr. Afifi is. She is fairly young, late thirties to early forties i guess, but she is so intelligent and so passionate about her work that i could not have asked for a better surgeon to re-do my breast implants.

The surgery experience was pleasant and the outcome is better than i had dreamed of. i have no visible scars and the implants are about twice the size of my first ones. They look wonderful and make my figure stunning without looking like they are just stuck on my chest, like many bad breast jobs look. My breasts are now a 34D and i am 5 foot 6 and i am a size 4 and my breasts look big but they hang very natural and are soft and bounce when i walk.

Dr. Afifi is the best doctor i have ever had in my life and at 36 years old, i have had several non-cosmetic surgeries. i wish Dr. Afifi could have done them all!! Dr. Afifi does all cosmetic procedures and reconstructive work also. I believe she also teaches and is a general surgeon. She also performs free surgeries in third-world countries to help the poor who need reconstructive work but could never afford it. As i get older and decide to have other plastic surgery, i will not hesitate to have her perform any surgery on me or my family. I wanted to share her and my experience because i hope that others can benefit from my knowing such a wonderful doctor!! There will most likely be a bit of a waiting list to see her, but believe me she is completely worth the wait, and i know that when you meet her you will be so glad you waited to see her!! good luck to you! ~steph

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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Responses to ocsteph's scorecard

Comments by Careen on 03/24/08, 1:02 am

I had Gastric Bypass several years ago and have lost about 260 pounds. I have lots of extra skin and would love to undergo the surgeries I see on my TV.

   I was curious about the doctor...

   Is she Persian? (I am thru marriage to my husband Shahrooz). I lived in Iran for about 5 years and speak farsi. It would be very kewl if she was...

   Does she ever help Low income people that don't have insurance get these proceedures done?I have had an 'involved' few years and financially could not afford the proceedure...

  I have 4 girls and would love to feel more comfortable and look better for them as well as my very understanding and patient husband.He says I am fine as I am but I don't feel comfortable with the saggy hanging skin all over...

                Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



Comments by care...(continued) on 03/24/08, 1:04 am

The Doctor I thought I would be asking was Dr. Afifi in california but any doctor is welcome to respond and offer help...

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