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Evilution of Man
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Dr. George Hamilton

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Calgary, Alberta

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Calgary, AB

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3 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by ratehamilton on 10/18/10


3 responses to this scorecard

2009 DR. GEORGE HAMILTON WOULD DO BETTER AS A BUTCHER AT COSTCO! At the hospital before my stomach liposuction surgery Dr. George Hamilton with poor light and in less than 2 min drew out lines on my stomach as his guide. Post surgery, the two-entry point scars above my hips were huge indented divots plus there was no noticeable difference in the flatness of my belly.  I am fit so there was not all that much to take but the results really was poor.  For all that I went through both financially and more so recovery wise I was not happy. So I went back. Dr. George Hamilton admitted that he turned on the wand before entry, which burned and left this scar – not once but twice!!  Dr. Hamilton suggested that he would do his best to cut out the divot however it will leave a longer length scar.  I recall vividly stating to Dr. George Hamilton that I did not want any additional entry points with the second surgery.  It was crazy that I would even have say this but considering my results thus far….  To my shock after round two  - and this is where I am livid – he went in half an inch above the belly button – avoiding already the prior entry point.  I now have a large hooded half circle scar.  Think of this  o)  but only vertical.  I also now have the dreaded rippling too. The divot scars are better but still indented, why he didn’t go below my bikini line as requested is beyond me.  What kind of rational was there for Dr. Butcher Hamilton to make a new incision? He could not answer this when I asked. Is it not part of a decent plastic surgeons skill set to be mindful of not only the procedure but of the scar placement as well?   I went to another surgeon to see if there is anything that could be done – nothing can.  What a hack.  I have achieved the exact opposite – instead of feeling comfortable in a bikini I have to hide my butchered stomach.  Tell all your friends about this.   MAKE NO MISTAKE, IF YOU SAW MY ‘AFTER’ RESULTS NEXT TO DR. GEORGE HAMILTON’S NAME HE WOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS.  

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Responses to ratehamilton's scorecard

Comments by dgc on 06/26/17, 3:26 pm

Would not recommend him for plastic surgery 3 times and tellng me its my skin that is why its not healing

Comments by dgc on 06/26/17, 3:31 pm

Left with scar tissue, bulbous, , do not go to him!!!
3 times still hate the way it looks, every time  see it , im self conscious

Comments by dgc on 06/26/17, 3:36 pm:

Left with scar tissue, bulbous, , do not go to him!!!

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