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Dr. George Bisbee

Internal Medicine
Santa Rosa, California

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Internal Medicine Associates
500 Doyle Park Dr Suite G03
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

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Overall score given by kookie on 10/27/07


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I saw this doctor for 6 months or more due to insurance I couldn't change quickly enough and have a chronic condition. It seemed i ALWAYS had to wait at least 45 minutes before I was seen though it was a scheduled appointment.There was no apology for this. He continually forgot things including my diagnosis. He did not want me to get x-rays because of the 'radiation exposure' although the specialist he sent me too took like 5 x-rays. I was not pregnant. It was absurd really.He would NEVER return a call .They are there to provide a service they are not above anyone. I think this is often forgotten. I am paying to have my calls returned to have questions answeredthey are still working for people.The staff in the office were not the most pleasant either.There were changes made to treatments without discussion. The whole experience was negative.

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