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Dr. Gabriel Lemoine

Family Physician or General Practitioner
Ste.anne, Manitoba

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Ste.anne, MB

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Overall score given by rshepit on 01/22/16


1 responses to this scorecard

2014 Dr. Lemoine  has to be the best Doctor in Manitoba that I have had the pleasure of meeting. He is attentive, a great listener, he doesn't rush your visit, he doesn't make you wait, and he geuinely cares about your well-being. I have suffered with multiple spinal injuries over the years and by far he has taken the most initiative in trying to help me and improve my quality of life. He is the only Doctor I know that has come into the office on his day off just to deal with an issue that one of his patients have. He has called me at home directly on more than one occasion regarding my health. The front-end staff are also friendly and prompt and seem to care about their jobs. Thumbs up!

I consider myself truly blessed to have him as my doctor. He has helped me more in the past few months than my last doctor has in the last 6 years. Unfortunately he is getting up in years and could easily have retired already. I sincerely hope that he sticks around if not just for purely selfish

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Responses to rshepit's scorecard

Comments by tness on 09/16/17, 7:47 pm

Responding to rshepit's input. Dr. Lemoine has retired at the start of summer (2017)
Too bad. I would say that he was the best Dr. at the Ste. anne clinic.
He had been my Dr. for 15 years. Had to get an new Dr. at the clinic.  No other compares.
Have a great retirement  Dr. Lemoine.  E.H.

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