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Dr. Evelyn Smith

Internal Medicine
Glastonbury, Connecticut

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704 Hebron Avenue Suite 201
Glastonbury, CT 06033

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(860) 659-1379

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Overall score given by budd on 08/03/10


I am ussually very healty and do not need to visit my doctor very often, but recently I developed an ear infection and called Dr Smith's office for an appointment. They sheduled me for the next day. After waiting for 45 minutes, the receptionist called me up to the window and confirme my information in the file. They had me confused with another patient with the same first and last name. She was flustered and said she wuld look for my file. Eventually, i ws led into an exam room an asked to partially disrobe. I sat ther for 15 minutes. The nurse then entered and said that the doctor had ordered my file destroyed because I had not been n he office for two years. explained I had been healthy during tat time and not n need of her services. I asked to speak with Doctr Smith and she said he doctor was busy. She then left me to stew for ten minutes and eventually retuned and asked me to get desses and make an appointment for a physical so they could start a new record. ' Doctor Smith wants youto gtoa walk in enterfr your ear pain' was the last thing she said and led me out.I cant begin to explain how I felt as I drove from the driveway and began searching for a walk-in.  Suffice to say, my long relationship with this doctor ended that day. My wife, her ssers, ad brthes left the pactice as well. By the way, transfering your eords to a new physician aint asy either. She demands  $70 for your own medical file. Luckily, I saved $70.00 when she threw my records out! Wort doctor of all time. Who treats patients like this?

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