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Dr. Eugene Coman

Setauket, New York

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Long Island Digestive Disease Consultants
3400 Nesconset Highway
Setauket, NY 11733

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Overall score given by maimed4life on 04/02/08


I have a history of ulcers and have had previous endoscopies with no ill effects. 
I went to Dr. Eugene A. Coman of Long Island Digestive Disease Consultants because of severe stomach pain, which I thought might be another ulcer.  The first appointment I could get was over a month away and I was given a prescription for Protonix until then.  By the time my appointment came around, the Protonix was working well and I was feeling pretty good. 
He told me I needed a routine endoscopy. He found no ulcers and concluded that I had gastric reflux disease. This was a huge surprise to me, since I never had any GERD symptoms previously.  However, as I left the office, I felt - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - stomach acid coming up into my mouth. 

My stomach pain is long gone, but the reflux problem - clearly caused when the endoscope was forced past my esophageal sphincter - remains 1.3 years later. Although 'controlled' by daily medication and lifestyle changes, reflux is still miserable. I must stop eating before 5 pm and must sleep nearly sitting up to avoid having the refluxed acid damage tissue in my throat. I have had 16 sore throats since the fateful endoscopy.  Protonix is no longer working for me and I will probably have to have surgery to fix my esophageal sphincter. 

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