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Dr. Eric Korsh

San Diego, California

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3760 Convoy St Suite 114
San Diego, CA 92111

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Dr. Eric Korsh
80-800 Dr. Carreon Blvd Suite B
Indio, 92201

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Overall score given by Bluesy on 06/18/07


1 responses to this scorecard

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2001 - present

I was sent to Dr. Korsh after receiving 3 years of hit and miss treatment via WC.  Dr. Korsh and his team immediately identified the problem that 3 previous doctors recommended by WC were unable to asses properly.  I was offered options both surgical and non-surgical.  Having been through 3 years of hell with uninterested doctors and being in great pain I opted for surgery.  The surgeries have gone well and the unbearable pain has resided.  I now have to learn to live with the current level of pain.  All of this was explained prior to any decision making on my part.  Yes, I was given options and allowed to make my own decision about my treatment. I have spent a good deal of time in the waiting room at the office.  No real complaints waiting happens from time to time.  As far as WC claims and adjusters, Dr. Korsh and or his team have had battles with that agency on my behalf.  I know that he refused to change his decisions concerning my case when WC told the arbitrators they did not agree with his assesment.  Because of that I now have life time coverage for this horrendous injury I have to learn to live with.

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This scorecard was voted helpful -3 times

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Responses to Bluesy's scorecard

Comments by merlin7725 on 06/28/07, 6:28 am

What type of problem did you have?  After reading all the responses here, it seems you have a very low expectation for what a 'good doctor' is?  Cookies and soda makes a good doctor.  Sounds like you were doctor shopping to me and Dr. Korsh gave you the answers you wanted and the surgery you wanted.  What arbitrators in the WC system?  The attorney's?  Or did you have a malpractice suit against another physician...that's when arbitrator's come in.  So you went from very bad to bad and were satisfied.  United Injured Workers and the VIAW do not have him as a doctor to choose!!  He will do a surgery for you....but most post-surgical back patients from Dr. Korsh will NEVER have another surgery, it has left them unable to stand the pain any longer.   For every 10, there seems to be one that likes him.  Check the other websites.  There was one poster that said he used another doctor to do the initial incision....ever wonder why? 

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