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Dr. Eric Korsh

San Diego, California

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3760 Convoy St Suite 114
San Diego, CA 92111

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Dr. Eric Korsh
80-800 Dr. Carreon Blvd Suite B
Indio, 92201

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Overall score given by jg405i on 02/23/12


jg405i edited this scorecard on 03/07/12

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In responce to my prior posting on 2-23-12 that has been taken down. ' My Apologies '. However I am under the influance of the drugs that were perscribed by the doctor.

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Responses to jg405i's scorecard

Comments by james90 on 05/09/14, 4:14 pm

I went in with severe lower back problems. He did surgery on me and now I feel like new! He is a great surgeon and all of his staff does everything possible to help you get back on track. I will definately recommend him!

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