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Dr. Eric Berg

Chiropractor / Body Restoration Technique
Alexandria, Virginia

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4609-D Pinecrest Office Park Drive
Alexandria, VA 22312

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Overall score given by Cenit on 04/18/16


Cenit edited this scorecard on 04/18/16

Not given Dr. Eric Berg has literally saved my life. For about three years I have been suffering from hormone problems, I was burned out and not able to function, no sleep, gained l a lot of weight and so on and I did not seem to be able to find out what was going wrong with me and how to fix it. Ordinary doctors just treat symptoms, they are not able to piece the puzzle together and see the big picture. Dr. Berg looks deeper into the problem, defines the root cause and finds the solution. Thanks to him my health issues have been identified and addressed as we speak and I am feeling much better; otherwise I could end up with a degenerative condition like cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes or an autoimmune disease. He is truly extraordinary. He has taught me and still keep teaching me what I have to do to keep myself healthy and prevent health conditions. His approach is completely different to the approaches of othet doctors however it is effective. He looks beyond te symptoms, digs deeper into the problem identify the very underlying issue and finds the solutions to health problems. As far as he is practicing he will be the only doctor I am seeing no one else. I am someone that normally do not listens to any doctor or follow any prescription, however I know I can trust Dr. Berg with my life and I would follow his recommendations to the letter.

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