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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Eric Berg

Chiropractor / Body Restoration Technique
Alexandria, Virginia

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4609-D Pinecrest Office Park Drive Suite XWiMVjXKQzwmhqDOLk
Alexandria, VA 22312

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6 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by AronTod on 02/23/11


AronTod edited this scorecard on 02/23/11
Admin edited this score on 02/23/11 Why?

6 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

2011 I found this guy refer to me by my friend at http://www/ then we talked as I asked their location address.  From there his staff take good care of me on everything like a child, like I feel better now for only a few months, I had already the good results as I wanted. His techniques really well suited for what type of your body to have a right results. I lose my tummy for only two months of consultations.. Thanks Dr Eric Berg...


Note by admin:  This comments above came from a computer in the Philippines with IP  This IP also added spam as responses to other scorecards, including links to a porn website.  Because of this, this scorecard has been changed from a '10' to a '1' and this doctor's page is being locked from receiving any new scorecards.  Usually we delete scorecards when they are obviously fake, but this one will stay up so those of you that received an email notification can know what happened.  We might delete this scorecard after our users have a chance to see the update.  Thank you.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

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Responses to AronTod's scorecard

Comments by admin on 02/23/11, 10:28 am

Scorecard has been updated.  Spam has been removed from Berg's pages.

Comments by FreeFree on 11/26/12, 2:23 pm

I found the office to be very warm and comfortable.  The people and staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable as well as caring.  I am so grateful to be able to come to Dr. Berg and receive the treatments I have received resulting in great results within a 2 weeks time!  I would recommend the program to anyone, including my family and friends.  In fact my sister and I have been coming to Dr. Berg and have appreciated all that we have learned.

Comments by SheShe on 11/26/12, 2:52 pm

I love coming to Dr. Berg's office for my appointments.  His staff is very professional, warm and friendly.  I had a very long telephone conversation with Joyce before even coming into the office, and she was just a nice in person.  Dr. Reid who I was assigned to is outstanding, and Dr. Berg is awesome.  I can't believe I am losing weight and feeling so much better about myself.  Even though I tried to loose weight before, I never put in as much effort into something as I am now.  Dr. Berg's program and methods really work and I am the proof.  If you want to loose weight the right way, come see Dr. Berg.

Comments by nika27 on 12/07/12, 2:54 pm

My experience with the program that Dr. Berg offers was great! My practioner was Dr. E and her patience, professionalism, humor and steady strong hands helped me tremendously. When I enrolled into the program, my energy level had diminished, after 10 hours of sleep nighly it was a struggle to awaken. I felt sluggish however, after just three weeks on the program my energy level greatly increased and my sleep improved, I was able to awaken feeling more refreshed. After five months on the program I loss the majority of the weight that I wanted to lose, but more importantly, I gained back my zest for the things in life that I enjoy. The program does take discipline to follow through but the outcome can be rewarding.

Comments by SanMal on 12/29/12, 1:04 pm

Just had a great conversation with Brittany at Dr Berg's office. Hope the visit with Dr Berg and the end game weight loss results go just as well.

Comments by zoe95 on 05/11/13, 8:19 am

Stay FAR away from this quack.  Several years ago I was paying this person $150 per week to be muscle tested and sold about 30 bottles of expensive powerful vitamins made from animal organs including thyroid.  6 years ago I was found to have 3 thyroid nodules.  Now I have multiple nodules and they are gravely affecting my health.  I believe all these squirrely vitamins and the way he cavalierly pushed them on me are to blame.

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