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Dr. Elise Brisco

Los Angeles, California

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Hollywood Vision Center
Los Angeles, CA 90505

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Overall score given by t_calkins on 05/27/11


2008 Dr Brisco is a capable Opthamologist, but the office staff could not get the insurance billing right.  They waited until after the time limit for a timely insurance filing to submit my insurance claim.  They then aggressively threatened me to pay the bill which they had told me they would submit to my carrier on four occasions.  The did not get the insurance claim filed for 21 months.  After they received the claim denial because of lack of timely filing, they re-submitted a false claim within two weeks to my insurance company with a date of service that would have been within the timely filing period.  I believe they deliberately filed the revised claim with an inaccurate date of service in an attempt to be paid because they knew they had dropped the ball.  They have now taken me to collections and I have had to take the case to Los Angeles City Attourney Charles Gildenberg, responsible for fraud and corruption.  We may be reading about Dr Brisco in the newspaper soon.

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