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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Elias Akl

Allergist / Immunology
Bangor, Maine

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Emmc Allergy And Immunology
885 Union Street
Bangor, ME 04401

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as rated by Mrs.A
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Overall score given by Mrs.A on 03/08/18


Not given This provider has poor people skills. The doctor is very condescending. He appears arrogant and is dismissive. He does not listen to what the patient is saying. When he does hear part of what is being said, it is repeated back as if he is speaking with a child.

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is new to the practice. I thought it was possible our personalities did not mesh. I tried to excuse his behavior. It was possible the staff could have informed him of my employment in the health care field. He might have felt threatened. It became apparent it was not a one time occurrence or a 'bad day'. His manner and speech indicated he saw me as uneducated, uniformed, and as someone wasting his time. His speech was full of disdain.

On one occasion I requested to speak with him. I gave the medical assistant my question, and the reason for my question. He was too busy to get back to me. The medical assistant tried several times during the visit to get the doctor to answer my question. In the end I left with a promise someone would call. I never received a call.

I persisted. At my next visit, I asked my question again. I asked each time I had an appointment. The doctor did finally came into the treatment room to speak with me. His answer sounded rushed and practiced. He immediately attempted to leave the room. I stopped him with a follow up question. His answer was a closed statement that discouraged any further questions. It did not contain detail. My question was not answered completely. 

Treatments occur for a set amount of time, and then a visit with the provider is required. I attended an appointment that included scheduled time for treatment, then 15 minutes with the provider to discuss the treatment  The provider's attitude remained the same. The provider acted impatient, edgy. I had the impression I was again waisting his valuable time with trivial questions. He was in the room a fraction of the time scheduled. 

I learned later other patients have had a negative experience with this provider. I spoke with a patient who is articulate, highly educated and pleasant. That patient reported the experience was worse than mine. They felt condescended to, ignored and dismissed.

The practice was started by a very caring doctor. She retired. The office began seeking a replacement. I received treatment from a covering provider for several months. I enjoyed being a patient of this practice. The staff is friendly, helpful and professional. This is a one provider practice. I am forced to look elsewhere for further treatment. I will return to this practice only if another provider is hired and becomes available. 

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