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Dr. Eduardo Borges

Neurology / Pain Management
Jensen Beach , Florida

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Jensen Beach , FL 34957

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1 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by annoyed on 07/10/07


1 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

Not given

Rude staff - They were doing me a favor by taking my $$

The doctor just talked and didn't listen. - 5 mins in the office for $195.00 cash

Condescending - He knew how I felt, I didn't know what I was taking about

Arrogant - I was wasting his time

Dismissive  - Pushed to other doctors - unwilling to help.

Incompetent - Tests from another Doctor revealed the truth, far from his supposed diagnosis.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

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Responses to annoyed's scorecard

Comments by allnmyheadha! on 08/15/10, 4:40 pm:

I just went to this QUACK of a doctor who told me my paralysis was ALL IN MY HEAD!Instead of trying to find the root cause,he gave me 5 min. in his office after the little test he did and gave me the number to a mental health facility!This unfortunately was the 2nd time i've had to deal with this so called Dr.My referring doctor had asked for more testing,but Borges said that he didn't have to do it as he already  knew I didn't have what my other,MUCH more qualified neurosurgeon suspects as he has been a neurologist long enough.Minimal testing(not even close to what my other Dr. wanted).I had been hospitalized previously and this quack is who they sent me in the hospital.He MISDIAGNOSED m with epilepsy,put me on a medication I didn't need to be on,was completely rude,arrogant and dismissive not only to me but to my family as well.I obtained my records from that visit in which he also slandered the living daylights out of myself and family.THIS POOR EXCUSE FOR A DOCTOR NEEDS TO HAVE HIS LICENSE TAKEN AWAY PERMANENTLY!he also has moved to Port saint Lucie family and Heart Institute,near the hospital on Hillmoor Dr.DO NOT LET ANYONE YOU KNOW GO TO THIS MAN.His brand of so called medicine may just cost you  your life!MY SCORE FOR THIS JACK*&^ IS A NEGATIVE 1000!for him,staff,equipment and that so called piece of crap office that's full of mold in PSL.ANYONE who has written here or went to him,PLEASE PLEASE file a formal complaint against him so that maybe we can get this quack out of medicine before he hurts anyone else!

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