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Dr. Eduardo Borges

Neurology / Pain Management
Jensen Beach , Florida

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Jensen Beach , FL 34957

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Overall score given by honestly on 12/17/10


1 responses to this scorecard

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Not given This doctor has been my parent's neurologist recently.  I have been searching for a way to keep my parents together, rather than one in a nursing home.  I believed I had found an answer with what's called the long term care diversion program through Medicaid.  I spoke to a very helpful person at Elder Affairs in Port St Lucie (772-460-3692), they explained how an evaluation would have to be done of the level of care needed and an evaluation of the home.  But, before the evaulation could be done, they would need the doctor to sign off on whether the patient can be released from rehabilitation to go home...then, if everything checks out to their requirements, the patient can go home rather then stay in a nursing home.

I was so excited when I heard this, I felt like I might have just come across the answer I've been searching for for over a month now, yeah!!  I eagerly phoned Borges to inquire if he would sign off on letting him come home after rehabilitation was completed (since he was the one who ordered to go to a nursing home).  The program will provide in-home services, like a nurse that comes in Monday thru Friday for 2-3 hours a day, etc.  This saves Medicaid substantial money by not having a patient in a nursing home.

Anyway, I was so excited to finally get a call back from Borges, after waiting two days.  I'm explaining to him how I spoke to Elder Affairs about this program, and before I can explain that they require a letter from the physician, he cuts me off, ' let me stop you there, this is a social situation, not a medical one, I have nothing to do with this, you'll have to talk to the nursing home!!' really cold, annoyed and condescending, like I'm out of my mind for even thinking about calling him.  So now I try to further explain that they told me the doctor would have to agree, and he interupts before I can even finish.  I snap back that maybe if he wouldn't interupt me, and let me finish what I'm trying to say, that he would understand.  He replies, 'if you continue to interupt, I'm going to hang up!'  What!!  I reply, 'so maybe that's what I should have done when you interrupted me?'  To which he replies, 'maybe you should have', and he hangs up!

WOW!  I couldn't believe it.  After all the time and effort I've put in to trying to find a solution for two elderly people who just want to stay together in their home.  But alas, not all is lost on that AS%@*HO#!.  I phoned the nursing home and found out that the doctor at the nursing home will write the letter required.  Now why couldn't Borges have just stated so in a professional manner instead of being such a rude person.  I guess some people just can't help themselves.  But, if I were you I'd help myself by staying away from him.

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Responses to honestly's scorecard

Comments by CelticsLover on 03/23/11, 1:16 pm

SO sad for you to have been put through this misery by this so called 'doctor'!
He's a miserable, cocky prick....
I'm glad your parents are finally together after all the torture Borges had put you through.
I'm going to post our story up here soon, as soon as hubby agrees to do so.
He wants to file a lawsuit against him, but his health is deteriorating from the NON-care he's been getting, probably the wrong meds as may have to wait a while.
He's on the phone now with the Epilepsy Foundation filing a complaint against him.
Mu husband was told his complex partial seizures didn't exist in the medical world, He'd NEVER heard of ANY symptoms like that in his life, and referred him to a psychiatrist!
Unbelieveable this man is still in practice. He may be so cocky & cold because he knows the hammer may fall soon, maybe (hopefully) there's something going on with him we all don't know about? Not only him, but his PA, Dr. Lois, as well...anyway, I'm glad this turned out great in the end for you!

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