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Dr. David Schaffer

Montgomery, Alabama

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Park Place Psychiatry
7051 Fain Parks Drive Suite 117
Montgomery, AL 36117

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Overall score given by LISAL on 08/25/10


1 responses to this scorecard

2007-2010 Never answers phone or returned phone calls, treats his staff poorly, ignores pharmacy faxes, ignores or loses faxes from other doctors, divulges personal information to patients instead of listening to and treating them, waiting time is horrible - he's chronically extremely late, he daydreams when he supposed to be listening, makes mistakes on scripts, disconnected his cell number for emergencies, changed location and phone number without notifying any patients - then marked late ones as 'no shows' when they were late because of the location change, unpredictable office hours. I would never want to subject anyone to the doctor. I don't think he should have a license.

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Responses to LISAL's scorecard

Comments by KO on 04/13/17, 12:06 pm:

The staff is ghetto, unprofessional and have horrible attitudes. The doctor, by all accounts, should not be licensed. His staff takes advantage of him, they make extended personal phone calls, and refuse to answer the office phone. His '2' female staff members are lazy and unbelievably pathetic, which is to say the least. I wouldn't recommend this doctor to see after my son's pet frog!! 

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