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Dr. David Engstrom

Family Physician or General Practitioner
, Arizona

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, AZ 60099

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as rated by rinkidinkidoo
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Overall score given by rinkidinkidoo on 01/13/10



Dr Engstrom seems young, but that is I think to his advantage.  I was happy with the quality of care I received from him and his staff.  Dr Engstrom did not rush in or out of the visit, he stayed focused on my health needs.

It took very little time to be called back after I arrived and paid my copay.  The staff was friendly and positive.  The staff seemed really new to the referral process for my insurance carrier, and it took quite a bit of time to get my referrals to some specialists completed, but as they did seem new to the process, I was willing to wait, better to be done right the first time.  I am glad to have found Dr. Engstrom and recommend his office to anyone in the west valley looking for a Primary Care or Family practice physician!

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