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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Daniel Lalonde Jr

Pain Management
Lewiston, Maine

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Central Maine Pain And Headache Center
287 Main Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

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Overall score given by chili on 11/02/12


1 responses to this scorecard

Not given I have seen Dr. Lelonde three times for chronic pain in my back. I found him to be very thorough and very professional. I would not hesitate reccomending him to anyone, and I am not easily fooled when it comes to Drs as I am a retired nurse and have worked with and been to alot of different drs. , and there are some bad ones out there, but he is not one of them.

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Responses to chili's scorecard

Comments by gobblygook on 06/12/16, 8:14 pm:

Dr. Zolper initially took me seriously, then messed with my leg and made my back worse than it has ever been in my entire life.I honestly wish I didn't exist right now.He made me feel like a total liar when I told him about it.I would be very hesitant to ever let any M.D. mess with you leg/hip when you tell them no, it means no.Now I got the rest of my miserable existance to look forward to.

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