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Dr. Daniel Jones

Upper Arlington, Ohio

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Jones Neurology, LtD
1699 W Lane Ave
Upper Arlington, OH 43221

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as rated by RissaMariae
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Overall score given by RissaMariae on 07/12/17


2017 Dr. Jones is probably the best doctor I have ever seen in terms of expertise, care, attention to detail, bedside manner, and treating the whole person in consideration of the big picture of what's going on across multiple systems. I have seen multiple doctors for the particular issues that brought me to Dr. Jones in search of another opinion, but none were as thorough or as kind as him. Because Dr. Jones diagnoses and treats a variety of neurological conditions in addition to being a sleep specialist, you really need to look nowhere else for your care. I was previously seeing a general neurologist as well as a neurologist who specialized only in sleep medicine, but they were not communicating and, therefore, not effectively putting the pieces together to come up with any new ideas to help me. Both basically concluded that the things they suspected were not the problem after all, so they sent me on to someone else. Dr. Jones looked at both aspects of my problems as well as my other established diagnoses and he considered them in relation to one another, which led to him coming up with a completely different diagnosis than I (or any other of my doctors) ever had suspected. He also asked questions to look deeper into whether or not my answers to certain questions truly reflected the full situation. For example, one of my medications incidentally can cover up a symptom of what he was suspecting as my diagnosis, so I was previously telling all my doctors that I did not ever experience that symptom. But when Dr. Jones looked at my medications, he realized this possibility & asked me if I ever experience those symptoms on days when I have not taken that medication. Once he asked me in that way, I realized that the symptom happens quite often if I miss a dose, but I had thought it was an occasional happening & not significant since it does not occur regularly. I have only seen him the one time so far, but that visit was monumental in helping me to finally feel like I have hope in my care team again!!! I do not know if the tests will confirm the diagnosis he is currently suspecting, but I do know that he is very knowledgeable in all the best ways and I feel confident that he will help me one way or another because he truly cares about patients, is invested in their well being, and wants to give the best care possible so that he can see them get better :) The office is very busy, so sometimes it can be hard to get through on the phones & there can be a lot of back & forth message leaving; however, it is WORTH being persistent! And, once you are established as a patient, you will have access to the patient portal where it is much easier to communicate because they can send you a secure detailed message rather than having to leave a vague voicemail due to privacy laws, etc. I am amazed at the quality of care and I am truly grateful to be a patient of Dr. Jones!

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