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Dr. Chriss Sigafoose

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Sigafoose Chiropractic Center
1668 Lincoln Highway E.
Lancaster, PA 17602

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Overall score given by TheMrs2010 on 01/11/11


TheMrs2010 edited this scorecard on 01/12/11

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2010 I had stomach problems ever since I was a child (Acid Reflux, IBS, Migranes, etc.). I was always nervous about going through Chiropractic care, until I came across this office from a stand at the Lampeter Fair. They performed a Spinal Screening on me, and I set up an appointment immediately to meet with Dr. Chriss Sigafoose. It amazed me that before I even told him what my problems were, he could already tell that I probably had problems in these areas of my body by looking at the X-ray! I have been going to Dr. Chriss regularly since the end of September. After a few visits I was already feeling so much better than I ever had before. I now can eat the foods I was not able to previously. I am almost completely headache free! Dr. Chriss is such a wonderful Chiropractor and he truly cares about his patients well-being. I could not ask for a better Chiropractor!

After my second visit, the Staff knew me by name! That show a lot of character for this office!

Dr. Chriss

Shelly: Chiropractic Assistant/Office Manager

Sharon: Chiropractic Assistant/Billing Manager

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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