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Dr. Charles Hughes

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Indianapolis, Indiana

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8051 S Emerson Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46237

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as rated by susie6810
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Overall score given by susie6810 on 04/01/11


2010 Dr. Charles Hughes operated on my arms in January 2010. I had wanted him to just do the cut at the top to remove some excess fat and skin. He wanted me to do the Lipo along with this and I did. It was not good for the tops pf my arms are smaller than the bottom and they are lumpy and one is worse than the other. Every time I went back he kept telling me they would be fine. I knew they were not and his nurse knew this also. Anyone that saw them would know they were in bad shape. When I asked for some help with them he offered some Thermage but it was not enough of treatment to make a difference. He refused to give me anymore. I believe if he was a good Dr. he would have helped me with some options to improve the looks of my arms but did not. He has caused me a lot of grief and pain for I believe that he had never done both these procedures at the same time. I had to wear these sleeves for about 3 months that dug into the cuts on my arms and was very painful all for nothing. I wish I had never picked him. I have decided that board certified may not mean that much.

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