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Dr. Carlos Garcia

Family Physician or General Practitioner
Oldsmar, Florida

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Utopia Wellness
110 State Street East
Oldsmar, FL 34677

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as rated by ngquinn
Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by ngquinn on 06/20/16


2016    I've read all the complaints of which there are few compared to the hundreds of partients Doc Garcia has,
First;  Do y'all realize that 100% of the cancer patients deemed terminal by conventional medicine...die. Do you realize that over 50% of Dr Garcia's patients live 10 more years, half of the remainder 20 years and the rest 30 years, and of course some die, usually because of waiting too long to do something about it orrr after Chemo/radiation treatments which are marginal in their successes...Maybe 3% effective (talk about scams), took em out...never treat the symptom...treat the cause.
   As scary as it y'all realize that all of us sometimes unknowingly cause or own cancers, except Lung cancer, where the patient knows what they are doing...or undoing.
    Does anybody realize that all colo/rectal cancer patients all have exactly the same diet. High fat, alcohol, smoking, red meat, high sugar. The sad part of all this is that these folks, never realized this. Carlos Garcia is not a magician, but he is very good at what he does...yes treatment's pricey. Some folks will drive up to his office in a $70,000 car, but when it comes to some of the most serious diseases being reversed...according to some of these posts, too expensive. Good stuff costs money. I, personally, would not want to pay his rent nor salaries at Utopia. Ask not for whom the bell tolls...It rtools for thee...I am part of you and I feel bad for those who expire what is thought to be, too early.
    Hep C abounds around here and these days Doc is trying to reverse this with his 6 week program. I'm selling my motorcycle to pay for it...soo what. I can build another bike but I cannot build another wife.
   Take these complaints as y'all would take a grain of salt, annd, by the way...Eat high alkiline foods, of which there are hundreds, and see if you can get your Body's PH up to 7.35 or higher. Invest in a roll of Test Tape (about 9 bucks)...
   When cancer sees that, it'll run for the hills, as it can only live in an acidic society of cells.
   Remember the success of any society, whether it be people or cells within us, revolves around staying free from it's own waste. This is the cause of cancer cells. Good cells cannot stay free from their own waste because of the clogging, cancer, rotten cells can't get out through and beyond the lymph nodes of wherever they are so they can be evacuated. Do the best ya can with what ya got.
Good Luck, George

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