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Dr. Carabeth Lee

Orthopedic Surgery / Hip repair
Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, WA

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Overall Score
as rated by jezzeppi
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Overall score given by jezzeppi on 10/02/12


2012 I was a patient of Dr Cara Beth Lee for the last 9 months.   My initial visit was kind of a last ditch effort to get my hip pain fixed.   After reviewing my records, then honestly and patiently answering my barrage of questions she agreed I was a candidate for surgery.   She then very thoroughly went through the pros and cons of what I was to expect.    During both surgeries 3 months apart Dr Lee and her staff made me feel so at ease....But what matters the most is I feel great.    Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth about their situation.... I'd rather have a Surgeon that  is cautiously optimistic rather than overly confident.......Its Surgery not Magic.   Thank you Dr. Lee

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