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Dr. Bruce McLucas

Ob/Gyn (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Los Angeles, California

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100 Ucla Medical Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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Overall Score
as rated by fibroidfree
Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by fibroidfree on 12/04/10


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2010 My dear dad found Dr. McLucas after searching high and low for the best procedure and the best physician to treat my horrible 11-year fibroid problem.

I first attended a free seminar of Dr. McLucas in early October. By the end of the one hour presentation, which included a question and answer session, I felt this was a step in the right direction, so I made an appointment for an office consultation. The appointment was within two weeks of the seminar.

As much as I dislike giving urine samples, blood samples, and undergoing pelvic ultrasounds, I soon learned that Dr. McLucas is very thorough and precise, which is an absolute must for a surgeon! I requested uterine fibroid embolization, a procedure of which Dr. McLucas is a pioneer, and it was performed a month after my consultation.

Dr. McLucas performed the surgery expertly and called me personally within 24 hours to make sure I was recovering well. His staff is very professional yet equally warm and friendly.

In my opinion, treatment is not just a medical term, it is a social term. I know that I received the best medical treatment possible as I experienced immediate relief from my heavy, uncontrolled uterine bleeding, which was unrelenting from August, 2010 through November, 2010. I must also say that I received the best peronal treatment from Dr. McLucas and his staff because they always accommodated my hectic schedule, helped with referrals to laboratories and other specialists, followed up with all my questions, and made me feel that my health and my happiness were their top priority.

I would recommend Dr. McLucas to any woman who is suffering from fibroids because he has the best qualifications and skills and he is a doctor who really cares. The uterine fibroid embolization required only a tiny incision near the groin, and the recovery time was less than one week. I can hardly wait to start my new life.

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This scorecard was voted helpful -1 times

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