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Dr. Bruce Chisholm

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Rancho Mirage, California

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39300 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

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760 779-9559

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4 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by janC on 07/20/11


4 responses to this scorecard

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2011 Dr. Bruce Chisholm was recommended by my dermatologist (along with two other plastic surgeons).  My girlfriend and I are both considering a full facelift and he was the first doctor we visited.  The waiting room had (2) books full of 'grandmothers' turned into their daughters.  It was so impressive.  We had lots of questions for the nurse and Dr. Chisholm and they were very patient and thorough.  We like the twilight anesthetic rather than general--which most doctors use.  We have since interviewed several other doctors and no one compares to the impression we had with the professionalism and artistic talent of Dr. Chisholm.  

My friend and I have checked many sites, such as this, looking for comments--good or bad-- from his patients and can't find any. Maybe we just don't know where to look.  Is anyone out there who would be willing to comment on their experience with Dr. Bruce Chisholm in Rancho  Mirage, CA?

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This scorecard was voted helpful -1 times

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Responses to janC's scorecard

Comments by desertdiva on 10/03/11, 5:11 pm

Hi Jan
I recently had a consultation with Dr. Chisholm and have been trying to find reviews regarding his work.  I too was impressed with his professional manner and the staff, but the quality of his work is most important.  I was wondering if you recieved any responses to your request from former patients or if you Dr. Chisholm performed any surgery on you.  If so, would you be willing to share your information.  Thanks a bunch, Sincerely, Gerri

Comments by Funnyface79 on 10/17/17, 10:33 am

Dr chisolm pretty much ruined my life after he used derma fillers on my face with everthing he did and used was not FDA approved.. how can this happen when he was rated so high.. he may be good at face lifts but stay away from filler cause he caused me great harm and too many things to list.. 

Comments by Liferuined on 10/17/17, 11:22 am

i came from Texas and a neighbor recommended Chisholm. i wanted to have a laser treatment on my neck and he said he did a lot of them.. My neck got burned and I had to go to another surgeon in Texas to have plastic surgery. i am now permently scarred and have no feeling..

Comments by Sweetpea79 on 10/17/17, 4:40 pm

Thanks for letting me vent about chisholm. he was very distracted on my consulation and left abruptly.. now i think she had something bothering him and I should have left.. I decided to have a mini lift he advertised as 20 minutes and it ended up almost an hour.. my husband was so upset but got me home and the pain was so bad he had to giive me more meds..My face has some issueslike my forehead is numb. I am praying God will heal me cause my husband was against this. my face is a little pulled but he says it will stretch out. Think twice before using this surgeon,

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