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Dr. Bruce Chambers

Psychologist /
Butler, Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Psychological Forensics
220 S. Main Street
Butler, PA 16001

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Overall score given by Mike7 on 12/24/12


2012 I was involved in a custody dispute last year and after several years of my ex attempting to turn my son against me. finally someone recoginized the truth and had the guts to say it. Dr. Chambers saw through the lies and manipulation that noone elese was seeing and testified in court.  My ex hired a high priced attorney to try to fight his report in court but he stood up to the lies that attorney tried to put in front of the court and the judge decided in my favor.

I have spoken to several other people who have had Dr. Chambers as custody evaluator and each of them had similar comments about his professionalism and courage to tell the truth.  He told me when I was being interviewed that he was there for one reason only and that was the well being of my son and he was going to make his decison on that basis only.  I can tell you this that he truly cared about my son and we are now doing so much better.

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