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Dr. Brian Wieder

Denver, Colorado

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Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Alliance
701 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80110

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Wyoming Brain And Spine Associates
419 S. Washington Suite 202
Casper, WY 82601

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Overall score given by David on 07/11/06


Not given I am a professional moto- X rider and I broke my back when I crashed.  I Broke the 3rd thoracic bone and had pressure on my spinal cord and had a concussion.  Another surgeon saw me in the ER and told me that I had severed my spinal cord and that surgery would not help.  He told me that i needed surgery to fix the broken bone but i wouldnt be able to walk.  If anyone has ever heard the word paralyzed before, I can tell you it is worse than a bullet in the head!  He said that he didnt do this kind of surgery and said he would call another doctor in his group.  He called Dr. Wieder,  it was now about 3am and Dr. Wieder came in and told me he didnt agree with the other doctor and said I needed immediate surgery.  I cried for maybe the first time in my life when he said there was hope but it was small.  He did the surgery within an hour and i spent the next few days paralyzed in the intensive care unit.  I didnt think the surgery worked, but Dr. WIeder said it was too early to say and tole me not to give up hope.  I went to Craig Hospital for rehab and was there for almost 2 months.  My first day there I noticed new feeling in my left leg.  Then the next day  i could move my toe.  I worked like never before and each time I could move a little more.  by the end of the rehab stay I was walking with a walker.  It is now1 year after the accident and I just saw Dr. WIeder.  I walk without a walker,  I can ride a motorcycle, but not like i used to.  Dr. Wieder said I was lucky,  But I know that if He didnt take me to the surgery that night.  I would have never walked again.  I know he is one of the best and I know he is very busy, but he never treated me like he was arrogant but always like a friend.  I would recommend him to anyone and eeryone!  He is the one who gave me back the life that the other doctor stoll from me!!!

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