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Dr. Bradley Jones

Internal Medicine
Irving, Texas

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North Texas Health Care
400 I-635
Irving, TX 75063

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Overall score given by bko on 10/18/07


1 responses to this scorecard

2007 Dr Jones is very thourough and never seems to be rushing to the next patient. He takes time to and explain encourages questions. He makes me feel like he is very concerned about my health and the best way to provide treatment. I've used him for 3 years and have made referals to co-workers.

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Responses to bko's scorecard

Comments by Shage on 12/12/16, 10:52 am

 Dr. Jones great doctor I have  been a patient   for several years.
 However I have had on several occasions issues and concerns with his staff,  they are  very short meaning I always feel rushed and on occasions very rude and inconsiderate I also have issues with being able to see Dr. Jones always sent to his assistant and last appointment I was 20 minutes late due to traffic accident I am extremely ill and they turned me away been a patient for several years.  If this find Dr. Jones I'm almost certain that it will not however if it do again personally I think Dr. Johns is a great doctor his staff not so good.  I will more than likely see his assistant tomorrow as a reschedule however  I have started the process of finding another primary and if I see Dr. Jones tomorrow I will inform him of this and maybe he could help me find another  primary,I can no longer deal with is staff  and the sad thing I don't think he is aware of what's going on at the front desk,  your staff is a part of your business it should be just as good as the primary in my opinion but again personally Dr. Jones himself great doctor and I believe a great person it's unfortunate about the staff.

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