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Dr. Braden Richmond

Jacksonville, Alabama

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Dr. Braden Richmond
1465 1st Avenue S.W. Suite A
Jacksonville, AL 36265

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as rated by morgansimmons
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Overall score given by morgansimmons on 03/14/08


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2007-08 Dr Richmond is a wonderful doctor. He is so sweet and very Christian. He really has an appreciation for the woman. he delivered my 2nd born and i wish i would have had him for the first baby.  he's a verry happy doctor. he knows how to explain medical situations to a person that has no clue. i would recommend him to any woman. His staff is very friendly and you can always trust to see a smile on their faces.  they still ask about the baby after the baby is born and they love to see the baby afterwards. Just a wonderful team!!! 

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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