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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Boris Porto

Lubbock, Texas

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4412 74th St Suite E102
Lubbock, TX 79424

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Overall score given by Michael2 on 01/05/11


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2010 First LET ME SAY THIS IS ALL MY OWN OPINION, based on facts that I will outline below. I am (or was until this morning 1-5-11) a patient of Dr Porto's. I received a phone call from his office, informing me that my appointment would not be honored and that they were unable to find any other Dr's office to help out until Dr Porto could return to the office. My appointment was for the same day a little less than 4 hours away. The appointment was to discuss meds and get my monthly prescription. Mind you, you HAVE to be in office to receive your prescription. It cannot be called in. I travel for a living and am gone for a week at a time (appointments are crucial for me) So this appointment being canceled effectively left me S.O.L. on the medication that he saw fit to START me on. The staff encouraged me to seek help with my family Doc or EMERGENCY room!! Gee thanks for the help Doctor. Hey I get it, I have a horrible case of ADD. But, I take my meds and lead a productive life. This man cannot gather his thoughts without closing his eyes and rudely shhhh'ing you mid-sentence. It would be funny if he wasn't neglecting the VERY people who need his type of professional help. In closing let me share the reasons for all the ratings.....If you can get an appointment, plan on waiting past your appointment time in the waiting room. This sometimes can take an hour or more. Secondly his staff changes often. I have been a patient for 4 months and staff has changed twice already. He doesn't do therapy only medicine , I knew this going in but geez 5 minutes of face to face Doctor time after waiting over an hour to see him, and all the prescriptions are made out ahead of time except for the date??? 

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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