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"Under no circumstances may physicians place their own financial interests above the welfare of their patients."
-- AMA Code of Medical Ethics
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Dr. Benedict Olusola

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery / Family Medicine
Desoto , Texas

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Aralile Cosmetics & Weight Loss Center
1704 N Hampton Rd Suite 204
Desoto , TX 75247

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Overall score given by aralile on 05/09/11


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n/a Our concentrated efforts seek to help each patient meet their goal.   We diligently work on setting the correct expectations and do not advertise for perfect results for each procedure.   We do however declare all possible complications and imperfections to each patient prior to surgeries and the methods to resolve any problem.  Our patients are also expected to adhere to our policies and instructions and are expected to fulfill their financial obligations.   We do not operate a large facility and we pass on the benefits to our patients by keeping our prices affordable.  While compact we strive for cleanliness and sanitation.  Our physicians and staff are superbly educated and trained and do not entertain accusations nor insults.  Our satisfaction rate stands at close to 100 % and the majority of our business approximately 90 % is from “from word of mouth”.  These facts reinforce our determination.
We regret the person who posted the comment on 4/5/2011 was not entirely happy and would invite him or her back in to discuss this displeasure. 
Aralile Cosmetic Surgery Management and Staff   

Additional comments posted on 01/03/13:
We are tasked with the responsibility of educating and trying to make our patients happy with their results even more importantly with balancing their expectations. Our office has protocols, policies and procedures which enable us to function effectively. Patients review and discuss consent forms and are encouraged to ask questions about their procedures. We provide before and after pictures both on our website ( as well as in the photo albums we encourage our patients to view. The majority of our patients are not only thrilled with their results they happily recommend us to their friends, we do however recognize and accept there may be others who for whatever reason we will not be able to please no matter how hard we work at trying.

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