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Dr. Benedict Olusola

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery / Family Medicine
Desoto , Texas

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Aralile Cosmetics & Weight Loss Center
1704 N Hampton Rd Suite 204
Desoto , TX 75247

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Overall score given by Rlmcintosh on 06/10/11


1 responses to this scorecard

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Not given When I called the office, the person that answered was very professional and she went above and beyond her duties. What I mean by that, is the fact that on-line there are numerous locations listed and she mentioned that I would need to come to a specific location for the consultation. She also informed me that the doctor was in that day and I would not need an appointment. I left work early and went to the office immediately.

When I entered the office, the atmosphere was warm, personable and the person at the front desk was friendly. This office is the 5th cosmetic surgery clinic that I've frequented and I have one more appointment in Houston, Texas on June 20th before I make my final decision. However, if I had not already had the appointment in Houston scheduled previously, I would definitely go to Dr. Benedict Olusola.

The Assistant was very knowledgeable about every procedure that I want to have done. She answered all my questions and I did not feel rushed through the consultation. She also made me feel more comfortable by being honest and realistic about my fears and needs.

Dr. Olusola entered and his job was basically done because the Asst gave me so much information. He introduced himself and gave me a full history and background information that was very impressive. He examined the areas that I want/need fixed, informed me of the prices, (which were very affordable) informed me of down-time post surgery, also gave me more suggestions and offered more procedures that I didn't have knowledge of. I left this consultation feeling very excited and I feel that the prices are more realistic to someone in my income bracket.

After my consultation in Houston, I am sure that I will be coming back to Aralile Clinic. There is a slight problem, (on my end of course), I work for FWISD  and I also have a second job. I am off the full month of July. I want to have my procedures done and be completely healed by the end of July, to return to work in August. However, I don't have the money saved, even though it is the best price I've seen out of all of the cosmetic surgery clinics. So, I am going to have to get financially prepared (working on it)........   

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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Comments by trinatheadvisor on 07/01/12, 7:34 pm

RLmcintosh's have you had the surgery yet and what are the results?

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