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Dr. Barry Eppley

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Carmel, Indiana

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Eppley Plastic Surgery
12188-A North Meridian Street Suite 325
Carmel, IN 46123

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9 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by Nurse05 on 01/12/13


9 responses to this scorecard

2010 Dr. Eppley is a wonderful and caring and expert plastic surgeon. I trust him and he is not just about making money. He wants u to look your best. He did breast augmentation for me in early 2010 and it was a great success. I am so much happier with the way I look now thanks to him.

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Responses to Nurse05's scorecard

Comments by Truthhurts47 on 01/13/13, 3:50 pm

This is obviously written by someone closely affiliated with Dr. Eppley. He's a hack, plain and simple. If he didn't hire such ruthless lawyers, the whole world would still know how he permanently disfigured Lucille Iacovell. 

Comments by Nurse05 on 01/15/13, 7:55 pm

I am not affiliated with Dr. Eppley nor do I work for him. I was his patient and continue to use his services for minor cosmetic procedures. My experience was, and continues to be successful and I highly recommend him. 

Comments by Truthhurts47 on 01/16/13, 9:59 am

If you ever look at his full malpractice record, you'll see that going to this guy for any surgery is a huge risk. Any surgery, even minor, has extreme risks, no matter who does the procedure. That danger is only worse when you trust a guy who has hurt and damaged so many people. You should watch the documentary 'Plastic Disasters' before you go under the knife again. Maybe then you will realize you are beautiful enough as it is. 

Comments by evscdriver65 on 01/16/13, 1:09 pm

My LATE husband had surgery by Dr. Barry Eppley in 2001. And he died, but there was other stupidity involved in his death. But Dr. Eppley was the main problem. I can't believe that he is allowed to still practice medicine. I sued and I won. It took 5 years to resolve it and I watched while they tried to point fingers at someone else.  Brenda

Comments by Truthhurts47 on 01/16/13, 2:58 pm

Brenda, the worst part is Eppley's able to hire big money lawyers and write it off. His practice insurance pays for it all. Then he has a few customers who have positive experiences get on sites like this to try to erase his bad name online. Lucille Iacovelli took her own life in 2010 after dealing with a bogus lawsuit against her for publishing everything he did to her and the records to prove it. As if it wasn't bad enough that he disfigured her and left her in permanent pain, he took away the only thing she had left: her voice. He is a scumbag of the highest order, and people should know the truth about him.  

Comments by evscdriver65 on 01/16/13, 4:09 pm

The crazy thing is when we were in Indy he was affiliated with IU and Clarion Health, they also had to know of his reputation but they still allowed him privledges there. In truth we reseached Dr. Eppley before my husband was his patient. We wanted to make sure he was qualified. We did not hear anything bad back then. But also technology has come a long way since then, and we have sites like these to comment on and share experiences. I had never heard the story of Lucille Iacovelli but it sounds sad.

Comments by Truthhurts47 on 01/16/13, 4:55 pm

Clarian's board of directors includes Judge Sarah Evans Barker, the judge on the case when Eppley sued Lucille. Lucille sought to recuse the judge, and there were multiple appeals to the 7th Circuit. A friend of Lucille's even created (removed later by Barker's unconstitutional orders) to show the judge's corrupt connections to Clarian. Here's a few links to Lucille's story and what's still being done to bring it to light despite all of Eppley's attempts to wipe the net clean of all records of who she was and what she was all about: (an author named Rich Bergeron is working on a story about Lucille, and he has contact info here. You should contact him.) (some links to legal documents surrounding Eppley's vicious campaign to silence Lucille)

Comments by westfieldmom on 06/27/13, 3:37 pm

I had surgery on May 9 2013 with Dr. Eppley. I saw all these terrible reviews about him a week or so before my surgery when I googled him, but went through with my surgery going with my gut instinct he was the surgeon for me. I had titanium screws & bars removed from my upper jaw that I had from a previous surgery around 20 years ago that we're causing me to have migraines & other problems. I also had submental lipo & a lip lift. I have to say he is wonderful! I haven't had a headache or migraine since my surgery! I am still in the healing process but he & his staff have been there for me through it all. I highly recommend Dr. Eppley to anyone considering surgery. He has dramatically changed my life for the better! 

Comments by LucillesSoul on 08/31/16, 12:52 am

Burn in hell you mother fucking wanna be surgeon.  May your soul burn and rot in the flames of hell..

You son of a bitch! 

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