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Dr. B R Drexinger

Roswell, Georgia

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North Fulton Neurology
1285 Hembree Rd
Roswell, GA 30076

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as rated by Marko
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Overall score given by Marko on 08/11/08


Dr BR Drexinger has done a terrific job over the last 10 years keeping my body functioning to the best of its ability given aging.  I came to Dr BR Drexinger with a lower back problem which led to numbing in my shin and foot.  Through a course of treatment that included physical therapy, medication and at one point surgery, Dr BR Drexinger guided me through my available options and coached me into what I believe was the best course of action to maintain my quality of life.  I would recommend Dr BR Drexinger to anyone (and have).

I remain a satisfied patient to this day.

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