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Dr. Asem Gharsaa

Emergency Medical Doctor
Windsor, Ontario

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Windsor Regional Hospital
Tecumseh Rd.
Windsor, ON

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2 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by Mrs.Jones on 01/08/08


Mrs.Jones edited this scorecard on 01/17/08

2 responses to this scorecard

2008 I'm 100% satisfied with the service I got at Met Hospital. After only waiting a short time, the nursing staff brought me in and within minutes Dr. Gharsaa was in to see me. I found him to be very thorough, professional and compassionate. He ordered tests and that really was the only thing that took time.
I praise all the night staff and I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

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Responses to Mrs.Jones' scorecard

Comments by bulls on 01/24/08, 8:26 am

Mrs. Jones does not exist. The joker Dr. Gharsaa that should have his lic. canceled put in this comment. I guess he does not know that Jones and Smith are the names liars use in surveys. This loser could never receive a good report. He is a danger to our city.

Comments by notfunny on 01/24/08, 3:41 pm

This comment is again the work of the JOKER Dr. Gharsaa. Their is no patient that goes to this site after being at Met Hosptial in Windsor and would comment about this VERY DANGEROUS LOSER that leaves patients parked all night waiting for the day staff to attend. If you want to torture a loved one or yourself go to Met Hospital on a night shift when the JOKER is working. You can watch him play with other members of staff while your love one is screaming for help. Careful do not ask him for help. He will have a mood swing and give you attitude. Nice try on the comment about your personal issue. You must of been low about life and needed words from THE JOKER. Pain is treated on the day shift by some GREAT DOCTORS AND STAFF. Looking forward to your next lying comments on this site DR. JOKER...

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